Maxothermie – 550

Maxothermie 550 is a Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid used for the transfer of process heat in industries ranging from Textiles, Plywood, Chemicals, Vegetable oil extraction, Paper, Rubber, Road equipment, Paints, Pharma, Food, OEMs, Engineering, and allied industries.

Operating temperature range from: -10℃ to 305℃ (Extended use up to 315℃), (14℉ to 581℉, can be extended up to 599℉).
The advantages of using Synthetic Thermic fluid- Maxothermie-550 includes:
  • Better low- and high-temperature viscosity performance at service temperature extremes
  • International low viscosity synthetic Thermic Fluids save that energy
  • Better and higher thermal stability, chemical and shear stability
  • This also helps in decreasing the loss due to evaporation
  • Lowest evaporation per system
  • It serves resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge problems
  • Extended fluid life with the environmental benefit of less replacement intervals
  • The use of Synthetic Thermic Fluid promises achievable longer system life
  • Superior protection against ash, Conradson carbon and other deposit formation in system
  • Prevent system hot spots in heater’s radiative and convective zone
  • Reduces the chances of system clogging
  • Moreover, it helps in improved fuel efficiency – from 1.8% to up to 3.5% has been documented in system study
  • Researches suggest that Maxothermie performed more than 50% to 100% better as compared to any regular mineral oil depends on the good engineered system.
  • However, synthetic thermic fluid is substantially more expensive (per volume) than mineral oils.
  • Maxothermie-550 provides value proposition due to Life Cycle Cost Performance
  • Highly recommended for and in industrial use.
  • Miscible (Mixable) and compatible with all type of Mineral and Synthetic Thermic Fluid
  • A superior quality synthetic alternate to mineral oils
  • Expert advise on Thermic Fluid Heaters, Systems and Solutions from Industry Thought Leaders and accomplished consultants.
  • Other Products: Synthetic Thermic Fluids, Maxothermie-600, Maxothermie-HFF (Hot Flash Fluid) for system cleaning, Citratherm-55.

    MAXOTHERMIE is a Heat Transfer Fluid by Capital Pure LLC, USA
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